Sustainability & Traceability

Firewood is an alternative to using fossil fuels, it is a sustainable and renewable form of green heat helping to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions. Through sustainable conservation and management it can also help to improve the condition of woods and forests.

We Produce Sustainable Firewood

  • We only use virgin timber produced from sustainably farmed woods and forests
  • All our firewood is locally sourced and is both traceable and sustainable
  • Our firewood is pure with no chemical or outside contamination
  • We provide local firewood to local boilers to reduce the carbon emissions and haulage costs
  • We only work with operators who can demonstrate sustainability and carbon traceability

Sustainable & Renewable Energy

Sustainable firewood from the United Kingdom is what Midlands Premium Firewood provides. Our logs come from environmentally friendly, traceable and sustainable sources in the UK within 50 miles of our processing plant. Midlands Premium Firewood provides the highest quality force dried logs, woodchip and pellet replacement fuel.

The only hardwoods we use are Oak, Ash, Beech and Birch, as they are denser and heavier than softwoods, providing a higher calorific value and longer burn time. However, for those that request softwood we do supply this too as when dried to the same moisture content it provides the same calorific value but you may need twice as much of it as it is significantly less dense and lighter.

Your log bag whether hardwood or soft wood is seasoned and dried to sub 20% moisture to give the most effective burn in the log burner, fire or biomass boiler.

Green Energy
Efficient Form of Biofuel
Lower Running Costs Than Gas & Oil
RHI - Renewable Incentive