Midlands Woodchip awarded ‘Ready to Burn’

We are pleased to announce Midlands Woodchip has earned the highly coveted ‘ready to burn’ credentials. Importantly, this certifies that all firewood we produce and deliver has a moisture content of below 20%, ensuring customers get a clean and rigorous burn from all our logs. Home seasoned wood, even if kept in an ideal dry environment will struggle to reach 20% or below. Moreover, choosing to use wood of this sort will have impacts, which are listed below. Order your quality ready to burn firewood from Midlands Woodchip here!

1)Wet firewood when burnt produces very little heat

2)Wet logs tar your chimney and your wood stove glass, which means more cleaning and less heat.

3)Logs which are wet do not burn well.

4)Logs which produce little heat require even more logs to produce the same heat as our firewood.

Green Energy
Efficient Form of Biofuel
Lower Running Costs Than Gas & Oil
RHI - Renewable Incentive