Dry Wood, Woodsure and more – Midland’s guide to wood.

Why is it so important to use high quality dry wood?

Whilst some people dismiss the differences between wet and dry wood, the importance of burning certified dry wood cannot be overstated. Burning high quality dry wood ensures a number of things:

  • A high calorific value and a high heat.
  • A very clean fuel which does not blacken your wood stove glass.
  • Reduces ash and emissions
Dry wood heat output. <20% Moisture Content=5kWh, 30% Moisture Content=3.3kWh, 40% Moisture Content=2.7kWh

Moisture content burn values, courtesy of Stove Industry Alliance

Furthermore, the issue is drawing attention from the Government, with Michael Gove planning to ban the sale of low quality wet woods, with ‘only the cleanest’ (Sky News) to be on sale from 2022. Additionally it labels particulate matters, produced as a result of burning wet wood, as ‘the most dangerous pollutant’. This highlights the importance of burning high quality, dry wood.

What is Woodsure and why is it so important?

Woodsure is the UK’s only wood fuel quality assurance scheme, hence why Midlands values being part of the ‘ready to burn’ scheme so highly. The ready to burn certification mark guarantees all wood sold is under 20% moisture content. Midland’s Woodchip has earned this prestigious certification mark, therefore customers can be sure of its high quality. If you do not see the Woodsure ready to burn logo, there is no assurance of quality on the product.

What is the BSL?

Put simply BSL stands for Biomass Suppliers List. This is a Government run scheme, and it lets us demonstrate that all our wood fuel meets certain sustainability and legality requirements. This is not a guarantee of the quality of the fuel, thus why we made sure we had Woodsure and Woodsure ready to burn accreditation.

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